Brompton World Championship

The main event – a mad dash of jackets and ties to unfold bikes, followed by a 15km race around the Goodwood track, spurred on by the crowd’s roar on the grandstand. The Brompton World Championship is now in it’s 9th year and 2nd year at Goodwood Motor Circuit. Competition to participate remains fierce and the 2014 event is expected to be bigger than ever, with 800 participants invited to compete.

Race overview

  • Date: Sunday 27th July, 15.00pm
  • Format: one race; start organised in waves
  • Distance: 15.2km/9.6miles (4 laps)
  • Participants: 800
  • Open to all as a single event or as part of the Brompton Treble

How it works…

Always a show-stopper, the race gets underway with a massed Le Mans style start, the pack racing to their folded bikes, unfolding them and speeding off. Jacket and tie are compulsory and there is strictly no Lycra allowed; those looking particularly dapper will be in with a chance for the Best Dressed prize.

Four laps of the course mean that just over 15km must be completed on the fast-paced circuit; no mean feat. Part of the Brompton Treble, the hardiest of souls may wish to also tackle the Brompton Sprint and Brompton Meander.