Date TBC

Details of the 2014 Brompton Taiwanese Championship to be announced soon.

Here’s a recap of last year’s race:


Lane & Trip Co. Ltd, the Brompton Taiwanese distributor, hosted the second Brompton Taiwanese Championship on the 17th November, 2013. More than 130 Brompton fans with their beloved Bromptons gathered at the Taroko kart circuit in Taoyuan (a county close to Taipei) for the race. There had been a run of rainy days before the Championship but thankfully it was a bright sunny afternoon on the day and this was reflected in the high turnout.

The location this year was a kart course with curves, which increased the difficulty but also the excitement. Everyone enjoyed the race and competition was fierce for the top prizes of returned flight tickets to UK for the Brompton World Championship in 2014.

 The male and female champions from 2011 (Minghong Wang and Peilin Jiang) both took part to defend their titles; however Minghong only achieved the fourth place. Instead, the male champion went to Yongfang Chen who happens to be very good at cycling arund sharp bends. There was no suspense in the female competition as Peilin successfully kept her title. The best dressed was more difficult to judge, as so many of the female riders had great fashion sense. We wonder how they knew that the prize was going to be a limited edition Brooks Bag before the Championship …The prizes for the 2nd to the 6th included ZERO sunglasses, Brooks B17 saddles and Bern Helmets.

Managing director of Lane & Trip Co. Ltd, Ben, said:

“Thanks for everyone who joined in the BTC this time! I know some Brompton fans made a 5 hour trip from Kaohsiung, which is very much appreciated. Many people are here for the first time and finished feeling tired but I can still see the smiles on their faces. Another impressive thing is Brompton fans are all kind hearted people. Their passion and supportiveness enabled us to have a wonderful afternoon with laughter and enjoyment!

I really hope I  see you all at our next BTC!”